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14 Oldest Trucks Still Being Produced


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While some trucks are here today and gone in a few years, there are some which are truly classical models and have stood the test of time. These trucks have been in production for many decades and yet are still being produced today.

Following is an overview of the fourteen oldest trucks still being produced. While these trucks are made by various manufacturers in various countries, they do have one point in common; that is, they are in demand because of their durable build, timeless style and/or some other important feature. What is more, in most cases they are some of the most popular trucks to have ever been made.

14. Nissan Hardbody

The Nissan Hardbody, which was originally produced in 1986, is commonly listed as not being produced in countries today. While this is true for the most part, as the vast majority of countries no longer have new versions of this truck for sale, there are still a few countries such as Venezuela where these long standing, reliable trucks are still in production and can be purchased brand new.

MSN’s auto review site notes that the four wheel drive version of this particular truck is popular with local governments and public work departments.

The Hardbody was not in fact the original or even the intended name for this compact pick uptruck. At the time Nissan started producing the Hardbody D21, the company was going by the name of Datsun and thus named its new trucks the Nissan Datsun for marketing in Japan.

However, they soon earned the nickname of Hardbody due to their double wall bed and overall styling. The name stuck and the truck continues to be known as the Hardbody to this day.

There are several features that make the Hardbody D21 distinct. These include the use of two large headlights rather than four smaller ones and a move away from the (at that time) popular and common boxy appearance for pick up trucks and cars.

Given the fact that these trucks were so popular in their day, it is hard to understand why production is so limited. The Hardbody was very reasonably priced and incredibly resilient; in fact, many people buy these trucks used every single year. Even so, this renowned truck was not without its problems.

The body panel and frame were both prone to rust, the truck has a noisy timing chain as well as problems with the timing chain guides and slippers deteriorating prematurely.

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