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15 Best Car Tricks and Upgrades For Your Ride


Photo credit: Orang Asli / Flickr

Upgrading a car can be a fun adventure. It allows for unlimited customization that makes a car truly unique and one-off. Here are 15 tricks, tips and upgrades for your ride.

15. Tires

Tires are an integral part of the car. Not only are they important during bad weather, they are also important when taking the car to the track. Be sure to research the tire that best fits your need. A summer tire in Nova Scotia will cause more problems than it solves.

14. Rims

While many go overboard in this department, a nice set of rims, which can be had inexpensively, are a great way to give a car a new, fresh look. Many rim retailers offer a visualization tool so you can see how your rims look on your car. This upgrade can make a car look like new again.

13. Suspension

Upgrading the suspension is a great way to get more performance out of a car. A suspension upgrade will let your car handle better while turning and give it a better ride quality. It may even upgrade the car’s appearance depending on if it does anything to the ride height of the car.

12. Intake

Adding a new air intake onto a car will not only increase performance, but will also increase fuel economy. This great tick can be done for relatively low cost. It is a great way to help compensate for ever increasing fuel prices.

11. Exhaust

The exhaust has a few added functions like an upgrade intake. Not only will performance increase, but there is an increase in fuel economy as well. An added bonus is that an exhaust upgrade usually adds to the look of a car as well.

10. Digital Upgrade

Another way to increase fuel economy and performance is through a digital upgrade. Cars have complex computers that regulate many functions of the car. Like any computer, a car’s computer can be manipulated to increase fuel economy and power through what’s called a chip or tune. It’s a relatively cheap way to tie in all other upgrades to provide maximum performance.

9. Brakes

Any upgrade should include brakes. Stopping is just as important as going and should be the number one thing to upgrade if you are looking at increasing the enjoyment out of a car.

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