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16 Important Features Of Best Family Cars


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It becomes a little more difficult buying a family car as opposed to buying a car for yourself. There are more people to consider, and a lot more essential features you should consider.

After all, you are not buying it only for yourself – but for your whole family. Here are 16 of the most important features to look for in a family car.

16. Anti-Lock Brakes

Cars with anti-lock brakes are much safer. When you have to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, you do not want the brakes locking up.

15. Airbags

Your family car has to have airbags to protect all of your precious cargo. That would include side airbags as well. Airbags help to greatly reduce the threat of injury when in a collision.

14. Rear Camera/Sensors

The rearview camera allows you to see behind the vehicle without having to maneuver using mirrors. With many of today’s larger vehicles, trying to back them up is difficult and risky. Trying to see if something is directly behind the vehicle – a bicycle, a pet, even a child – is almost impossible. Having rear view cameras and/or sensors allows drivers to see what is behind a vehicle.

13. All-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive

For driving in bad weather, having four-wheel drive capability is much safer and will ensure that you can navigate through snow and poor road conditions.

If you live in an area where you know you will be driving in snow or even in an area with bad overall road conditions, a four-wheel drive vehicle can provide a level of safety that a two-wheel drive car or truck cannot.

12. Third Row Seating

As families grow, your vehicle needs more space. Third row seating allows everyone to be comfortable while traveling.

11. Rear Seat Entertainment

Having the DVD system for the children while they ride in the back seats makes traveling anywhere much easier. When the system has multiple headphone jacks, it is even better. Systems that have more than just a DVD function allow passengers to choose from a variety of entertainment options.

10. Infotainment System

Rear seat entertainment is great, but how about for the entire vehicle? A great infotainment system will include things like iPod hookups and more.

9. Programmable Keys

Only those with the correct key will be able to start your vehicle. This is a great feature if there happens to be a teen driver in the household. The vehicle’s top speed can be programmed as well as radio volume and parents can censor certain satellite radio programs. Programmable keys give owners control over their vehicle even when they are not driving it.

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