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16 Models That Hold Value


1. 2013 Honda Fit
Photo credit: Ian Gulinao / Flickr

In 2010, R. L. Polk reported the average car owner changes vehicles about every 5.3 years. Knowing how much that shiny red Honda Civic or pearl white Explorer will be worth in the future is the only way to negotiate the best deal at purchase.

Here are 16 models from 2012 through 2014 that are expected to hold their resale value based on driver satisfaction, loan value, dependability and operating costs at the 3-year and 5-year mark.

16. 2013 Honda Fit

Consumers love their Hondas.
Three reasons: fuel consumption, dependability and pricing.
Estimated five-year resale value: 44.5% (Customer rating: 8.9/10)

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