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17 Oldest Exotic Cars Still Being Produced


17. Saleen S7
Photo credit: Simon Davison / Flickr

Exotic cars, or “supercars” as they are often known, have inspired mankind for decades. They have made (and then broken) a variety of records, are commonly featured in movies and are used regularly for various car races.

While dozens of supercars have been made by a wide range of manufacturers over the past decades, only a select number of these are still being made today. The cost of manufacturing, changing emissions rules and regulations in various countries, low demand and other factors have conspired to stop the creation of classic exotic vehicles that were made in times past.

Given these facts, the exotic cars that are still being made in this day and age deserve extra acclaim. These models are made by diverse manufacturers in various countries, but they continue to be trendsetting, desirable exotic cars in today’s day and age.

17. Saleen S7

In the 1990s, well known auto tuner Steve Saleen set out to create a truly great American Supercar. The result was the Saleen S7, a supercar whose technology and speed astonished the world when it was first released in 2002.

While this car has been driven by regular individuals, it is clear that it was destined to be a sports car all along. In fact, at the time it was released it was the only car with a 500 horsepower engine that could be legally driven on the streets of the United States. What is more, this older supercar still holds fifth place on Wall Street Cheat Sheet’s list of the fastest car that can be legally driven in the U.S.

It can get up to 248 miles per hour, has a seven liter V8 engine with two turbos and reaches sixty miles per hour in just a bit under three seconds. It should also be noted that it is one of the few cars on this list to be manufactured over ten years ago and still make it on to this list; most of the other cars listed are no longer being produced by their respective companies.

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