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6 Best Diesel Cars in the US for 2013/2014


Photo credit: jukai5 / Depositphotos

Clean Diesel car sales are up and climbing as the end of the year car sales matriculate into statistical data.
Clean diesel car sales have been helped by the fact that modern diesel engines are offering great mileage that is close to hybrid MPG. Better still is the fact that clean diesel seems to perform better on the highway giving mileage a huge boost. The following six cars offer a range of clean diesel performance across the spectrum of car buyers.

6. Volkswagen Golf TDI

With an MPG rating of 30-42, the 2.0L TDI clean diesel engine produces 140 HP and rivals hybrids for city/highway mileage and low emissions. 2014 SMRP $25,200 with standard features that are heavy on popular tech like Bluetooth.

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