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6 Things About Lamborghinis that You Didn’t Know


2795367915_17dbe65f26_o Flickr- Guzmán Lozano - Lamborghini
Photo credit: Guzmán Lozano / Flickr

No discussion about super sports cars would be complete without a reference to Lamborghini. For over five decades, Lamborghinis have been synonymous with speed, breathtaking curves, and indulgent luxurious styling. However, the following are six things about Lamborghinis that you probably did not know.

6. Unusual Start

Lamborghini did not start out as a sports car company. During the early years of the company’s formation, Lamborghini manufactured tractors. By the 1950s, Lamborghini Trattori was considered one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipments in Italy. And no, the tractors did not go really fast. They just drove at regular tractor speed.

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