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9 Ferrari California Paint Colors


Part - 2 - 8254367277_452cb214cb_b Flickr-PRodriguez - ferrari california
Photo credit: PRodriguez / Flickr

The Ferrari California is the least expensive new Ferrari money can buy. At just under $200,000, this front engine, hardtop convertible will still be able to turn as many heads driving down the street as any of its more expensive brothers would be able to do. To stand out from the pack, here is a list of 9 different colors available on the 2014 Ferrari California.

9. Rosso Corsa

The most popular and often seen Ferrari color is the Rosso Corsa. This deep red is the perfect color for your first Ferrari as it is simple to accept a $200,000 car in red. Any given Ferrari dealership should have a few different models in this symbolic color.

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