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Do Police Departments Need Exotic Cars?


We Say YEA!
Photo credit: Hussain_Quantum / Flickr

Everyone loves the look of an exotic car like a Ferrari Enzo or a Lamborghini Countach. Even the not so super cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Nissan GT-R will turn heads. Granted, they look awesome and they will definitely go fast but… do they need to be a part of the local police car fleet? The answer not only depends on who you ask but where you live as well.

We Say YEA!

If you live in an area where fast cars are seemingly everywhere such as Southern California and South Florida, having at least one car in the police car fleet capable of keeping up with them is almost a must. Too many criminals count on a car capable of high speeds and capable of skillful maneuvers to evade the police driving mundane vehicles. While helicopter pursuit may be able to keep up with most cars, when it comes to an exotic/super car, the only helicopters able to keep up are military grade Apaches.

Also, an exotic attracts the eyes of the public. Whether it be at an auto show, a school demonstration for the kids or crawling along at mortal speeds in the city and on the freeway, an exotic with police colors and visible light bars lets people know that yes, the police are around. We do have a presence. Even if the “hot cars” don’t hit the road very often, they do make a truly impactful PR tool.

We Say NAY!

Granted, having a police cruiser that looks awesome may have some level of community impact, between the associated costs and the inability to use them for virtually anything except as a pursuit vehicle renders them worse than useless. For the price a police department pays for an exotic, several standard cruisers can be purchased or several more officers hired, or both. There are far better ways to use that kind of money than spending it on an exotic sports car.

Also, any high speed chase that exceeds 100 mph is dangerous. Not only is it dangerous for both the police and the criminal, but the effects on the general public can be devastating as well. From cars and trucks driving along, minding their own business on the freeway to innocent bystanders at a sidewalk cafe, a high speed pursuit can collect more innocent victims than any exotic car is worth.

So, Yea or Nay?

On the whole, the negatives associated with any police department utilizing an exotic car in their department outweighs the positives. While there are things to be said in favor of a car like a Ferrari or even a Camaro being part of police force, the danger to the community and the expense creates a line that simply doesn’t need to be crossed.

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