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8 Technical Highlights of the New Audi R8


2703366174_b0d3d5da32_b - The Car Spy - Flickr - Audi R8
Photo credit: The Car Spy / Flickr

In 2008, when Audi released the R8 to the public, many advertised its stealth fighter looks and its durable Audi-proven V8. Since then, the signature of the R8 has not changed very much, touting the same rounded corners, large side vents, and perfectly sized wheels. However, for the new Audi R8, Audi has taken many steps to make sure users stay impressed by the latest from Italy.

8. Two engines are available for the new R8

Since the 2010 model year, Audi has offered multiple engines. For 2014, those engines include the durable 4.2 liter V8 and the Lamborghini sourced 5.2 liter V10.

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