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General Motors Recalls Vauxhall Zafira B Model After More Fires


Zafira B Photo credit: © M 93 / Wikimedia Commons

August is bringing on the heat, and not just when it comes to scorching summer days, but to the General Motor offices as well. The company announced that they will start the recall of the Vauxhall Zafira B Model at the beginning of the August, and it will cost them more than fifty million dollars. Now that is a burn.

The reason why the car is being recalled for the second time is the huge safety problems that many owners of the car had. Apparently, the car is known to casually catch on fire due to ventilation and heating installation problems. General Motors representatives pointed out that the cars will be recalled, fixed and returned to its owners, all free of charge. They also stated that money is of no concern if the customers are in danger.

Maybe it would’ve been a good idea to think about their customers’ safety before this fiasco of the Vauxhall Zafira B Model started in 2014, but what’s done is done, all that General Motors can do now is try to redeem itself for its past mistakes.

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