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Tesla To Build Factory In China

As the standard of living increases throughout China, millions of individuals from the nation's emerging middle class are hoping to invest in private vehicles, just as their brethren in developed countries did in past decades....


How Soon Are Flying Cars Taking Off?


Although the first flying car may conjure up some images from a science fiction movie or memories of the futuristic 1960s cartoon “The Jetsons,” it’s not light years away. If...


New Sensor Technology Can Read Eyes


In addition to smartphones using technology to track eyes while scrolling, car manufacturers are planning to use this innovative technology to improve drivers' attention. Volvo is presently doing research into...


Futuristic Minivan Options


Minivans have been popular since the 1980s due to its flexible cargo space, fuel efficiency, car-like handling and kid-friendly sliding doors. Today, manufacturers have stayed in tune with futuristic designs...