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6 things that make the McLaren P1 an engineering marvel


9033632322_8fec3b3d19_o Patrick Boyle - McLaren P1
Photo credit: Patrick Boyle / Flickr

The successor to the McLaren F1, the $1.15-million P1 hypercar, has a lot to live up to. The F1 was an engineering marvel during the mid 1990s, extensively using carbon fiber, titanium, gold, magnesium, and even Kevlar. McLaren hopes to achieve the same notoriety with the P1. Peek at six things you did not know about the McLaren P1 that makes it a true marvel.

6. Interesting Naming History

The P1 should actually be called the P12. Mclaren was hoping to bridge the F1 and P1 with a conventional and historical naming convention. During development, the F1 was codenamed the P1. P2 through P6 are unknown McLaren projects. The most recent McLaren, the 12C, was originally introduced as the P11-12C, making today’s P1, the P12.

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