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The 12 Reasons to Hate Diesel Cars


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With only a few exceptions, diesel automobiles have never really caught on in the United States. If you ignore the years of the OPEC oil embargo during the late 1970s, there’s never really been a time when diesel engines have come anywhere close to matching the popularity of gasoline engines.

Diesel enthusiasts claim that today’s diesel engines are greatly improved over the ones we learned to know and hate in the 1970s, and that they could provide a smarter alternative to gasoline engines. Read on to learn just a few of the reasons we’re hoping that never happens.

12. There is a limited availability of diesel automobiles in the United States

The fact that diesels are relatively unpopular in the United States has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fact that the majority of the cars on the road today in the United States use gasoline engines means that you’re going to have to be able to pick and choose if you want to buy a diesel automobile. While it is true that many car manufacturers today produce matching diesel models of all the gasoline models they produce, this isn’t true of all models, and the overall numbers available are still likely to be small, even if you can find a model you like that has a diesel version.

The comparative scarcity of diesel automobiles is also a problem for people who are in the market for a good used automobile. Buying a good used car is all about finding that perfect mix of reliability and value, and the low numbers of new diesels available in recent years translates into less good used diesels available now.

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  • Carey Underhill

    Try driving a 2012 or 2013 ford powerstroke diesel pickup and you will blow that old belief out the window. They have awesome power

    • Andrew

      i6 diesels and v8 diesels like the duramax can make HUGE low end torque and HP but it’s performance at the cost of fuel efficiency. A tuned out diesel truck will chew through gas like a fat lady and milkshakes. The article is about diesel cars. A 1000hp diesel with a massive turbo can drink a gallon of gas every minute or less.

  • John Oliver

    I think the fuel price of diesel is beginning to put me off. Whilst great for long journeys most of my journeys are local. It is worth getting the fuel filter of a DIESEL engine checked as often as a manual such as a HAYNES manual suggests or maybe even slightly more frequently.

    I now have a permanent warning light on my dash too at the moment
    ( insufficient flow through Exhaust Gas Recirculation=EGR valve ), these can be very troublesome. I may need to get the top end of the engine cleaned a bit even though it has a new EGR valve on it. A manufacturers EGR valve could well be better investing in rather than a generic make should you need to get your EGR valve changed.

    I am seriously thinking of switching back to a petrol car which may be soon.

    • Andrew

      Diesel in Southern Ontario Canada is sitting @ 139.9 right now.

  • John Patrick Engelmann

    This has got to be one of the most biased anti-diesel things I have seen on the web in a long time. I love my 2006 Jetta TDI…performs just as well as my 2.5 did, and the fuel economy is fantastic, local and highway.

    • Andrew

      your 100 brake horsepower? 0-60mph in 10+ seconds. The cars are a bore to drive. Fuel efficiency is not a big deal to me. I don’t drive a whole lot. I prefer some high performance over economy. That’s why I drive a 2006 WRX STi.

      • Harold Koiman

        Haha, Andrew, you respond to every negative comment about the article that you wrote! Why??? Hahahahahahahaha :)))
        And moreover, who paid you to write it???

        • Andrew

          Why would anyone pay me to write an opinion? From the diesel cars that I have driven in my life they have all been JUNK…..
          No power. They stink. It’s rather difficult to find diesel pumps in certain Canadian cities…. What’s so funny again?

          • Richard

            Have you ever driving a 3litre BMW diesel? Try it.

          • Andrew

            NO sir I have not.. But I have driven a Mercedes SUV with the Bluetec engine. It was nice and quiet but it was also a $75k vehicle.

  • JohntheKiwi

    No, Number 1 is patently false. “Diesel fuel naturally costs more”…no! It is forced to UNNATURALLY cost more through Federal Excise taxes etc. If it naturally cost more, why is Diesel significantly LESS than gas/petrol in Europe and most of the world? It naturally costs LESS, except in the US,

    • Richard J Francis

      and also in the UK – after virtually everyone migrated to diesel cars (and manufacturers improved them no end) and those nice people in the Government are now taxing the hell out of it and it’s more expensive than petrol and more expensive than across the rest of Europe (who recognised it would cripple the transport industry). The UK – the little island owned by US policy (but without the standard of living)..