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The 16 Reasons to Hate Electric Cars


16. Price
Photo credit: Andrew Magill / Flickr

Electric cars are inevitable. As fuel prices skyrocket around the world, a true alternative to fuel woes will be addressed in the form of electric cars. While the government has been the main purveyor behind many automakers building their own electric vehicles, the demand for them is minimal at best. For those looking for a reason to continue hating electric cars, read on!

16. Price

There is no arguing the fact that electric cars are more expensive then their competitors, sometimes commanding thousands of dollars more than their non-electric counterparts.

15. Environmental Impact

While the impact of emission pollution is no longer a problem in electric vehicles, the environmental friendliness of certain components found in electric vehicles is going to be very detrimental in the future.

14. Untested Technology

Many of these cars come with technology never before seen on a car. This untested technology makes the owner a guinea pigfor the automaker, which can be frustrating if that technology is far from reliable.

13. Sales Flop

Electric cars are simply not selling, holding less than 1 percent of the market. Gasoline cars still have some innovation left, which allows them to continue to increase fuel economy. Cheaper gasoline cars will continue to be a threat to electric vehicles for some time.

12. Limited Range

Electric cars have limited range. Many can only go around 100 miles before needing a lengthy recharge. Until electric cars can perform and recharge like gasoline cars, the limited range will be a hard sell.

11. Boring Design

Absent the Tesla model S, electric cars are boring. While the Tesla Model S is a great execution in electric vehicle design and engineering, many people can’t afford $100,000. This means many of the electric vehicles people are buying have to compromise styling for efficiency, with many adapting the boring tear-drop design.

10. Charging

Charging can be a problem for many. Charging stations are rare across the country, making it difficult to plan long trips. Once a charging station is found, it takes considerable time to charge the electric car as well, sometimes requiring as much as ten hours to achieve a full recharge.

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