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Top 10 Highest Speed Supercars in the World


7951097036_181399a5fd_b Flickr-Supermac1961 - Gumpert Apollo
Photo credit: Supermac1961 / Flickr

In the world of supercars, speed and performance is what defines one’s dominance over the others. Therefore, it seems fitting to have a list of top 10 highest speed supercars in the world. Surprisingly, both the Italian manufacturers Ferrari and Lamborghini failed to make the cut, being replaced by the Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg.

Note: The list is in descending order, starting from the slowest to fastest supercar on the list.

10. Gumbert Apollo

Gumpert announced its flagship supercar back in 2005, intended to have enough down force to allow it to be driven in a tunnel upside down, as stated by the designer, Roland Gumpert.

Top speed: 225mph

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