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Top 18 Bestselling Cars in the US


1. Ford F-150
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2013 was a big year for the United States, with various signs pointing toward economic recovery. One of those signs was the automotive industry, which saw impressive growth figures for many of its top-selling cars. Read on to learn about the 18 automobiles that took gold, silver, and bronze in this year’s American sales race.

18. Ford F-150

Is there a vehicle more a part of the American tradition than the pick-up truck? Probably not, and that fact was proven in 2013 not just by a slew of country music songs, but also by the fact that Ford’s flagship pick-up, the F-150, finished the year at the top of “bestselling cars” list. According to Forbes, the truck’s sales figures were up 20 percent in 2013, a leap that iconic business and finance magazine credits to the recovering housing market.

17. Chevrolet Silverado

Playing second fiddle to Ford’s F-150, the Chevy Silverado experienced its own 20 percent sales leap in 2013. Credit Chevy’s strong advertising campaign for their centerpiece pick-up, which actually utilized a country song – a ditty called “Strong,” by Grammy-nominated songwriter Will Hoge – to sell the Silverado as an essential vehicle for hardworking, salt-of-the-earth types.

16. Toyota Camry

As far as actual “cars” are concerned, Toyota’s long-popular Camry couldn’t be toppled from the leading sales slot in 2013.

15. Honda Accord

When recession struck in 2008 and longtime stalwarts of the American automotive industry began to collapse, foreign car companies were the ones to fill the void for many drivers throughout the U.S. Perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries was Honda, whose Accord sedan had a big year in 2013.

14. Chrysler Ram 1500

Chrysler redesigned their definitive pick-up truck and boosted its gas mileage for the 2014 model, an effort at improvement and modernization that was rewarded with sales boosts of 22.5 percent.

13. Honda Civic

Much like the Honda Accord, the leaner, meaner Civic has become a hit in America thanks to its reliability, gas mileage, and widely-touted longevity. Available in coupe and sedan models, automatic and manual transmissions, and even in a sports car variant, the Civic doesn’t look like it will soon be giving up its stranglehold on the American small car market.

12. Nissan Altima

Like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima is one of those mid-sized passenger cars that always sells admirably. 2013 was no exception.

11. Toyota Corolla

The Chrysler Ram 1500 wasn’t the only car model to get a makeover. The Toyota Corolla received similar treatment and was rewarded with a solid five percent sales boost.

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