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Top 21 Reasons You Should Upgrade To the Newest Chevrolet Silverado


Top 21 Reasons You Should Upgrade To the Newest Chevrolet Silverado
Photo credit: CoolValley / Flickr

11. The 6-speed transmission

All of the engine choices come with direct fuel injection and a 6-speed automatic transmission that powers the rear wheels. The new transmission offers better acceleration and helps in fuel economy as well.

10. Double cab or crew cab

Buyers have the choice of the roomy and spacious Crew Cab or the Double Cab, which still has room for extra passengers and cargo. The Crew Cab offers buyers two bed options, six feet or eight feet.

9. The quiet cabin

The newly designed cabin is super quiet. It is roomier than the previous model and all the seats and console are covered with soft-touch materials. The new body helps to dampen jostling of the bed when it’s empty and contributes to the smoother ride.

8. You can choose 4-wheel drive

Depending upon the intended use of the truck, buyers can choose four-wheel drive over the standard two-wheel drive.

7. Optional reverse camera

The new Silverado contains several new safety features. An option feature is the reverse camera which allows drivers to see what is behind them from inside the vehicle.

6. J.D. Power & Associates said so

The long-time customer satisfaction research company, J.D. Power & Associates, claims that General Motors full-size trucks are the best on the market. They have given the Silverado favorable ratings for years and that will not change with the new 2014 model.

5. The EcoTec 3 engine

The EcoTec 3 5.3L V-8 engine lets you keep the perks of a larger-displacement engine but enjoy better fuel efficiency.

4. MyLink Bluetooth

For drivers’ convenience, the MyLink feature allows for smartphone pairing. Drivers can make and answer calls via their 4.2- or 8-inch touchscreen.

3. All the technology

Along with the MyLink Bluetooth, the new Silverado is just loaded with technology. Front parking sensors, the blind spot mirror, reverse cameras, and more make the new Silverado a technological giant among full-size trucks.

2. The steel

The new Silverado nixed traditional steel in favor of a lighter weight, high-strength steel. The resultis improved fuel economy without sacrificing any of the vehicle’s capabilities.

1. Work truck/everyday vehicle blend

The 2014 Silverado is the perfect blend of work truck and everyday vehicle. It’s roomy, spacious, and powerful. It’s great for a day on the job, but can also haul the family around on daily errands.

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