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Watch Out For These 15 Things When Buying A Used Car


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When looking for a used car, it is best to be on the cautious side. Many times, buying a used car is the only way that someone can afford another vehicle. However, low prices can often play tricks on you and you may end up actually wasting all your money. Be careful, and before you go to your local car dealership – read these 15 things to look for when purchasing a used car.

15. Make Sure It’s Level

Always look at a used car on level ground. You will be able to see if the tires are low. You can also see if anything is sagging on the car. Checking under the hood is easier when the car is level and you can get a better idea of fluid levels.

14. Look At The Exterior

Look for rust or signs of rust. If the body is starting to fall apart, this might not be the right vehicle for you. Examine the sides of the vehicle looking for any waviness in the paint job. If you see it, there has been some painting done to the vehicle. Make sure to inquire about it.

13. Check The Tires

Look for signs of worn tread. Get an idea for how many miles are on them. If you have to fork out a large chunk of money for tires right away, you may be better off with a different car.

12. Look Inside The Trunk

Inspect the trunk. Lift the carpet in the trunk and look for rust. Sometimes the first hints of rust may be hidden. How worn the vehicle is inside the trunk can give you a better idea about the usage of the car.

11. Under The Hood

Inspect all of the belts and hoses. Make sure there are no visible cracks. You do not want to have to make a major repair as soon as you buy the vehicle. You can also find the VIN, or vehicle identification number, under the hood. With the VIN number, you can find out the entire history of the vehicle including if it has been in any accidents.

10. Inspect The Interior

Look for things like upholstery tears. There may be some aesthetic things inside that do not appeal to you. Rips, stains, or cracks cannot be fixed or repaired easily – this may not be what you are looking for in a used vehicle.

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