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You Won’t Believe What The Most Common Car Problems Are


young stressed man having trouble with his broken car

In case you were wondering if your car problems coincide with the car difficulties of other people, Auto Express has come up with an informative list about the most frequent car problems that people encounter.

  1. The gearbox is troublemaker number one. It is the most common car problem, and is very expensive to solve.
  2. Problems with electrics are more and more frequent, due to the fact that cars have a lot of high tech gadgets in them, which demand a lot of electrical maintenance.
  3. Burnt up clutches are another significant car problem that isn’t always easy nor cheap to fix.
  4. The turbocharger is definitely one of the priciest repairs you can have on your car and more people every day are facing this problem.
  5. Brakes are something you have to keep in top shape, but it’s also one of the car parts that frequently develops a fault.
  6. Your alternator is something you should check thoroughly if you’re buying a used car, because it develops glitches if it’s been used for a longer period of time.
  7. Cylinder head gasket failure is not that hard to fix, and quite easy to spot, but still pay attention.
  8. Air conditioning condenser breakdown is painfully common and annoying because being in your car on a hot summer day without AC is a nightmare.
  9. Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves can make or break a car, always bear that in mind when choosing your vehicle.
  10. Window regulators are another problem that isn’t serious, but it’s very annoying, because you can’t control your windows manually if your regulator doesn’t work, which puts you in a situation where you have to get your regulator fixed immediately.

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